Anser Putters

Anser Putters also known as Peripheral Weighted Putters.

The Anser Putter (Peripheral Weighted Putter) was designed by Karsten Solheim in 1966.

It was the natural evolution of the established blade putter.

The simple design of this putter owed much to having a cavity hollowed out in its back which distributed much of the weight of the putter head to the heel and toe ends.

This made the sweetspot larger and also made for less twisting of the putter face when the ball was struck off centre,making the putter a very forgiving and consistant club.

Although the putter is now 50 years old,the soft,long,delicate design still makes it a favourite weapon for some of the best players in the world.

These heel and toe weighted putters still dominate the  market and are popular with golfers whose stroke path is inside square inside,the weight distribution working to stabilise the putter head on contact with the ball resulting in fewer mishits.


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