Mallet Head Putters

Mallet Head Putters.

Cleveland Smart Square Putter
Cleveland Smart Square Putter

Mallet Head Putters could be described as a golf club designed for putting that has a wide, heavy head rather than a flat, slim blade.

Mallet head putters look as though a large solid piece of metal that has been stuck to the end of the shaft,however this is so often not the case.Most manufacturers produce a hollow head into which are placed weights which are designed to improve the putting stroke.

The deep design of the putter’s head allows manufacturers to make clubs with a lower of gravity which can reduce spin and improve performance on off-centre putts.

Mallet Putter

Mallet putters are usually face balanced and suited to straight strokes

Mallet putters can be designed with large clubheads in elaborate designs.They are made in various shapes, such as square, semi-circle or even more abstract designs.

Most manufacturers feature at least one mallet head putter in their range but for a more comprehensive list please click Mallet Headed Putters.

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